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Attendance Policy Temporary amendment to Section 8 Latness - applied from 01/01/2020 to be reviewed February 2020

Attendance and Punctuality

As a member of the Galileo Trust the school’s often meet with the Trust’s Attendance and Welfare Officer to discuss attendance and look at ways we can improve. One of the areas that was discussed was punctuality and how some children are arriving late which is impacting on their reading lesson at the beginning of the school day. Following consultation with the Local Authority, St. Peter’s are to trial a shorter registration time, beginning when the children return to school on Tuesday 7th January 2020. School will begin as normal at 8:55am for registration with the first lesson of the day beginning at 9:00am. Registration will officially close at 9:15am, 20 minutes after the start of the school day. Any child arriving late between 9:00am and 9:15am will receive a late mark ‘L’ in the register, this mark does not affect their attendance but is used for monitoring purposes, please be aware that by arriving at 9:00am your child is already 5 minutes late. Any child arriving late after 9:15am will receive an unauthorised late mark ‘U’. This mark does affect attendance and if a child receives 3 or more of these codes over the course of the academic year a referral can be made via the Trusts Attendance Officer to the Local Authority for a fixed penalty notice. The penalty notice is the same as leave of absence, £60 per parent per child. As a trust we feel this is also a fair way of balancing leave of absence requests and repeated lateness as at present a family can be fined for taking their child out of school for half a day’s leave of absence, however another child can accumulate the same amount of time through lateness with no procedures surrounding this. It is hoped that this trial period will see a decrease in the amount of children arriving late to school and that there will be no referrals made.