At St Peter’s science is taught following the National Curriculum objectives delivered across the two year rolling programme. This is within phase teams of year 1/2, year 3/4 and year 5/6.  The objectives are covered in each unit using a variety of practical and theory based lessons.  Where possible, children are engaged in practical tasks such as investigating independently through group work, recording data and discussing their findings.  Children are encouraged to make predictions before an investigation commences, to work scientifically throughout the investigation and to present or discuss what they found out.  Where possible, staff have given children the opportunity to look at the local environment to help them understand the world about them, encourage awe and wonder about our beautiful Earth and model questioning about what we would like to know more about.  Through visits to places of local interest, the understanding of the natural world is deepened for the children (in the past, whole school visits to The Man statue at Castleton and Saltholme Nature Reserve).  Where possible, outside speakers who offer their services are gratefully received in school, and in recent years we have welcomed a number of colleagues from the health service to talk to the children either by raising aspirations for future careers in the NHS or by having wellbeing sessions in order to support mental wellbeing.  In previous years outside agencies, such as Northumbrian Water, have delivered whole school input regarding the environment through a theatre production.  More recently, a whole school Eco-Day was held in May 2022 where visiting schools joined us in a range of activities held on the school site.  Other activities, such as Space Camp, Eco-Team, Gardening Club and the Lego Club, have allowed the children to access off timetable science based activities supporting STEM learning and enrichment.


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Progression in Science
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Energy Academy Workshop with Spark


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The Year 6 children have enjoyed learning about magnetism in Science





Planting Seeds