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Starlight Nurture Group 2021

Starlight Nurture Group 2021


 What is a Nurture Group?


Our Nurture Group are also called the ‘Starlights’ and they work in the nurture room which has been set up to be like a home and a school. The Nurture Room helps us build on what you already do in the home and links those skills and experiences into the school setting. We often invite parents or grandparents to come and join us as this reinforces the links between home and school.

We help your child to explore their feelings and experiences in a safe environment which will help your child grow emotionally and socially at home and at school. Your child will continue to access the curriculum in Nurture. The work that we do has a positive impact on their learning in the classroom.


Children will work in the Nurture Group for three afternoons every week. They will work in a small group of up to 10 children for up to 3 terms. They will spend the rest of the time with their mainstream class.


Mrs Hayden and Mrs Roberts will be working with your child. If you have any questions about the Starlight Nurture Group, please feel free to contact us at school. Our children were very excited to be starting Nurture Group this March after a long lock down.