Welcome to Year 5 & 6 Area!

We have 3 classes in our area, a Year 5 class, a Year 5/6 class and a Year 6 class. We all work together and cover the same topics throughout the year, working on a 2-year rolling programme.

Upper Key Stage 2 is an exciting time where our children continue their learning journey and begin to take on leadership responsibilities across school.

Our School day: 

  • Focused Reading
  • English Lesson
  • Maths Lesson (Streamed by ability)
  • Foundation Subject/ Topic focus

PE day is every Tuesday & Friday, please make sure your child brings in an appropriate kit.


  • Miss Foster’s Literacy Class spellings are given out on a Monday, which they will be tested on a Friday.
  • Mrs. Boag’s Literacy Class spellings are given out on a Friday for a test on the following Friday.
  • Literacy Homework given out on a Tuesday and due in by Wednesday.
  • Numeracy Homework given out on a Wednesday and due in on Thursday.
  • Literacy & Numeracy given out on a Friday and due in the following Monday.


Please continue to hear your child read at home, or sign their book if they have read independently.  Ideally, the children will be reading at least three times a week at home.  There are a range of prizes they can win based on the number of times they have read at home, and it will also help them progress through our whole school reading chart.

Head Boy and Girl:

All the children in year 6 are invited to put themselves forward to being voted as Head boy and girl for this academic year.   We hold an assembly where the children can read their speeches out to the rest of school.  If your child wants to be considered, they may find it helpful to write a speech explaining why they feel they would be good at the role and what they have to offer.



Meet the team
Mrs. Boag Class Teacher
Miss Foster Class Teacher
Mr. Ormerod Class Teacher
Mrs. Unthank Class Teacher
Mr. Blan Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Hogarth Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Holmes Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Westwood Teaching Assistant
Mrs.Whalley Teaching Assistant


Our Head Boy & Girl celebrating Ash Wednesday

Our Area