At St Peter’s our English curriculum is carefully planned so that basic skills of reading and writing is developed through a cross-curricular and thematic approach. Engaging the children with a ‘Writing for Purpose’ as well as developing the enjoyment of books and effective communication. We are passionate about reading and we aspire to develop a love for reading in all our children.

We endeavour to create a learning environment that develops our children’s use of language and provides rich provision of opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. Opportunities to develop these areas are planned for across the curriculum through a variety of experiences to motivate and inspire our children’s reading and writing.

The development of writing skills is an important aspect of our work. It covers all forms of writing for different purposes; to entertain, to inform, to discuss and to persuade. We aim to achieve progressive competency and accuracy in spelling and punctuation and aim for children to develop a legible style of handwriting.

St Peter’s curriculum is established by developing our pupils’ abilities to speak, listen, read and write for a wide range of purposes, including using language to learn, communicate, think, explore and organise. Enabling our pupils to express themselves clearly by broadening their vocabulary, both orally and in writing. We believe this enhances and enriches teaching and learning in all subjects, preparing them for life after school.

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